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About Us

Geisler Russell Terriers was established in 2014. We started with top notch lines, beautiful lines and have continued the outstanding quality ever since. Our Russells have been in tv & film commercials and print ads, our Russells have been to the big Apple to the most historic show known for confirmation, the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, our dogs go-to-ground, do agility, do therapy and tricks! Join our Russell family today!

What Is A Russell Terrier

A small clever package, they are the modern version of the “Jack Russell Terrier” they come in smooth, broken, rough coats. Height is ideal at 10-12” at shoulders and life span up to 15 years. They originated in England, furthered developed in Australia.

Our Russell puppies and adults are popular with everyone, They are a true companion in every aspect with added value in health, temperament and work ability. Born to show, work, model or just be stinking cute is what we strive to provide our puppy buyers. Here is the BEST way to own one and that’s by getting on our waiting list prior to little ones arrival. A non-refundable deposit is strongly recommended help secure your place on the waitlist. You may be waiting for up to 6-12 months for your wonderful addition.

  • For info on Geisler Russell Terriers text us at 573-424-0855

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